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Thanksgiving 2023 Letter from the Sheriff


November 22, 2023

Fellow Citizens of Camden County,

What an exciting time to live in our wonderful community.  The weather is turning colder, and the holidays are here.  Our families and friends will be getting together over the next few days to celebrate Thanksgiving and our nation truly has so much to be thankful for.  During this holiday season I ask that each of you take stock of what God has blessed us all with and to find the giving spirit within you to help someone else in need. 

Some of you will be driving or flying to other areas of the country this Thanksgiving and I encourage you all to be cautious in your travels.  Remember, not only will you be in an area you're not as familiar with as you may be at home, but other travelers will also be out of their comfort zones.  Drive carefully and remember that drinking and driving do not mix. 

Also keep in your prayers the men and women who work in emergency service positions.  Law enforcement officers, dispatchers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and members of the US Armed Forces will sacrifice time with their families this Thanksgiving to ensure your families are safe.  These friends and neighbors serve our towns, cities, counties, states, and our nation with bravery and dedication.  Each of us should remember to thankful that God continues to bless us with men and women like them.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving from Sheriff Tony Helms, Chief Deputy Jim Brashear and the men and women of the Camden County Sheriff's Office.




Tony R Helms

Sheriff, Camden County