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Scam Awareness


Press Release                                                                              04-20-22

For Immediate Release:

Scam Awareness

Law enforcement agencies across the country are taking reports of citizens being scammed out of money. Some of these scams are costing citizens thousands of dollars and Camden County is seeing an increase in these reports.

Just this past weekend, over the Easter holiday, the Camden County Sheriff's Office took reports about two different scams. One of these scams included a victim being contacted by telephone by someone claiming the victim had an active warrant out of Camden County. The scammer instructed the victim to buy gift cards and supply the caller with the gift card numbers to satisfy the warrant. No one from the Camden County Sheriff's Office will ever contact a citizen with an active warrant demanding money.

These scams increase every year around tax season when citizens may be seeing a return on their federal and state income tax filings.

Often, the telephone number of the caller may appear on your caller ID as a legitimate law enforcement number. If you suspect you are being scammed, do not respond to the caller. Instead, hang up and contact the sheriff's office or your local law enforcement agency directly.