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Deputy Commended for Investigative Work




Camdenton, MO, 06-03-22 - On Thursday afternoon, 06-02-22, Sheriff Tony Helms awarded a Letter of Commendation to Deputy Dan Strom of the Patrol Division.  The award stemmed from an investigation into an internet scam Deputy Strom conducted for a Camden County couple.  The citation reads as follows:


On the 2nd of April 2022 Deputy Daniel Strom responded to a call involving a potential financial scam of two senior citizen victims. The information given to Communications related to the couple's location was not clear, so Deputy Strom spent considerable time trying to locate the couple. Once Deputy Strom located the couple, he me t with them. Deputy Strom learned the couple responded to an alleged alert on their computer and inadvertently made contact with internet scammers. The scammers stole a significant amount of money out of their bank account as a result. Deputy Strom helped them make a report with IC3 and the educated them on how to avoid scams like this. Instead of clearing the call, Deputy Strom stayed with the upset couple to help them try to recover their money. Deputy Strom personally made phone calls on the couple's behalf and helped them recover $33,000 sent to scammers in another state.


Deputy Strom went above and beyond his duties as he utilized his knowledge, compassion, and thoroughness to help the coupe recover money. Deputy Strom's outstanding performance and service to the citizens of Camden County is a credit to himself, the Patrol Division, and the Camden County Sheriff's Office.


As you continue to defend the citizens of Camden County with dignity, professionalism, and honor, it is with immense pleasure that I present to you this Letter of Commendation.


                                                                                    Tony R Helms, Sheriff


Sheriff Helms presented Deputy Strom's award at the sheriff's office Thursday afternoon in the company of members of the Patrol Division.