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Corrections Employees Recognized by Healthcare Provider


Corrections Employees Recognized by Healthcare Provider 


Camdenton, MO, 06-06-22 - On Monday, June 6th, several members of the Camden County Sheriff's Office Corrections Division were recognized for their efforts in reviving an unresponsive inmate in March. Jen Nowalski, RN, the Regional Nurse Manager of Advanced Correctional Healthcare awarded five Corrections employees lifesaving awards. Advanced Correctional Healthcare is the company contracted to provide health solutions to the jail.

The awards are a result of an incident in March when Officer Brian Morrison found an inmate lying unresponsive on the ground. Officer Morrison called for assistance and the jail nurse, Sue Kidman, along with Officer Micah Schmidt, Officer Michael Scaringello, Corporal Brandon Monnig, and Sergeant Kendra Duncan responded. After assessing the inmate's vital signs, Nurse Kidman began chest compressions and gave instruction to the other Corrections employees to begin rescue breathing. After a short time, their efforts brought back the inmate's pulse.  At this time, Emergency Medical Technicians arrived on scene. Another inmate informed the officers he believed the inmate was suffering from an overdose. EMTs then administered a dose of Narcan, and the inmate's condition improved. The EMTs transported the inmate to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment.


Sheriff Tony Helms, Captain Brian Vinson, and Nurse Jen Nowalski presented each employee with an individual award and a plaque to the entire team.