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Dispatcher Helps Deliver a Set of Twins on 911 Call with Father


Camdenton, MO - 07-26-23 -  WOW! What a morning! At just about 8:30 this morning, Communications Officer Amy Hufferd took a 911 call from a man who explained his wife was giving birth prematurely in their home. Amy transferred the call to Mercy Ambulance Dispatch and helped coach the man through the birthing process and his wife delivered a set of twins! Ambulances arrived on scene along with Mid-County Fire Protection District and Camdenton Police Department and mother and babies are being cared for.

What makes this unique situation even more unbelievable is Amy herself is a mother of a set of twins!

Some days all the training kicks in and, as a result, two new babies were delivered safely! Amy will receive a Dispatcher Headset Stork Lapel Pin to wear with her uniform. Congratulations to the new mom and dad and we are glad to welcome the twins to the world!