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CCSO Introduces Counter Terror Tip on Website


CCSO Introduces Counter Terror Tip on Website

Camdenton, MO - 10-20-23 - In response to the ongoing crisis in the Middle East and the possible threats of violence in the United States, we have added a terrorism tip link to our website.  This allows citizens who see something suspicious, but not necessarily an emergency situation to report anonymously through Global Intel Tip Management Software.  The company then routes the tip to the appropriate agency for further investigation.  This system was set up under the Missouri Office of Homeland Security's Counter Terror Officer Program. 


In 2019 the Missouri Office of Homeland Security (OHS) began a process of analyzing gaps in prevention, response, and mitigation of acts of terrorism, identified in a study called the Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA). Through the assessments the OHS identified a critical shortage in law enforcement officers trained to identify and plan for potential terrorist threats and vulnerabilities in our local communities. In order to expand law enforcement capabilities in the areas of homeland security and to combat the rising threats of homegrown violent extremism and terrorist threats across the state of Missouri, the Counter Terrorism Officer (CTO) Program was designed. CTOs are located within multiple jurisdictions in each region of Missouri. These specially trained officers are members of their local law enforcement agencies and provide a level of expertise to their agency and community with regards to terrorism prevention, response, and mitigation.  The Camden County Sheriff's Office has three CTOs, two of whom are veterans of the Global War on Terror.


As the saying goes, "If you see something, say something." Anyone who sees suspicious activity they believe could be terrorism related is encouraged to report it through our website under the Forms section at