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Camden County Jail Electronic Monitoring


On September 26, 2012, the Camden Count y Sheriff’s Office began using an electronic monitoring system through Isecuretrac to monitor low risk inmates.  This system is also used on low risk inmates who have medical conditions which would exceed normal medical cost and can be monitored 24/7 and still be a productive citizen.   The Camden County Sheriff’s Office currently has three individuals on the tracking system.  One 7 month pregnant female charged with Misdemeanor Marijuana possession, one male subject charged with failure to pay child support and one male subject charged with DWI.  Each person restrictions are on a person by person basis.  The supervising officer can make it totally house arrest, where the person is unable to travel.  They can allow the person to leave certain hours of the day for work, court hearings, doctor’s appointments and  can be notified if they enter a restricted area where they are not to be.   This electronic monitoring system provides supervising officers with a rich stream of reliable information regarding an individual’s location, movement and status.

The cost for the system and services is $8.25 per day, which we charge $10.00 to recover costs for our officers who monitor and keep contact with the individuals on the monitoring system.  This compared to $45.00 per day for housing inmates and plus medical cost, can save the tax payers thousands of dollars per inmate.