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Weather (Flooding Camden County)


Wednesday, August 07, 2013:

As heavy rains to continue to fall across the region streams and rivers in Camden County are currently in flood stage or are very close to flood stage. As of 9:30 am Wednesday morning areas on the head waters of the Big and Little Niangua rivers were receiving heavy down pours which will result in expanded flooding along both rivers in the next few hours to days. Sheriff Franklin reminds individuals living along the rivers and tributaries to be vigilant to the rivers actions and to keep a close eye the weather conditions. 

Sheriff Franklin also reminds those living in the affected areas to be prepared to move to high ground. Preparing yourself for flooding conditions can make a difference in lost property. The Sheriff noted flood waters are strong and can be deceptive as to their power wading in to flood water can result in you being swept away. Sheriff Franklin said the motto “turn around don’t drown” fits walking as well as driving.

The Sheriff Franklin said he and his staff are monitoring weather conditions as well as watching rivers and creeks in the county. In addition Sheriff Franklin said the Sheriff’s Office is in direct contact with Fire Districts in the county as well as Ambulance districts, Camden County Road and Bridge, MODoT, Missouri State Highway Patrol and also with Ameran UE who operates Bagnell hydro-electric plant, SHO-ME power who operates Tunnel Dam Hydro-Electric Plant, and Army Corp of Engineers who operates Truman Dam to keep a constant assessment of the ongoing flooding.