Deputies Honored at the State Capitol

On April 8, 2015, Sheriff Franklin was honored to attend a ceremony at the State Capitol building on the floor of the House of Representatives where Deputies Adam Edgar, Jeff Leeper and Trenton Teubner received framed copies of House Resolutions commending their recent acts of heroism.  Deputies Edgar and Teubner helped deliver a baby on the side of the road in January while coordinating emergency medical care.  Deputies Edgar and Leeper performed rescue breathing on James Lewis, the toddler who wandered into a Camdenton pond in March. Our agency is very proud to have young men like these working for us and working for the people of Camden County.

 State Representatives Diane Franklin (Camden County), Rocky Miller (Miller County), and Shane Roden (Jefferson County) presented the Resolutions. Representative Roden is a Reserve Deputy with our department and does his service with the Patrol Division and the SWAT team.


 Photo1.  Chief Deputy Darrell Walden, Sheriff Dwight Franklin, Representative Shane Roden, Deputy Trenton Teubner, Deputy Adam Edgar and Deputy Jeff Leeper meet in Roden's office prior to the House Resolutions being presented.


Photo2.   Deputies Adam Edgar, Jeff Leeper and Trenton Teubner outside the capitol building before being presented with House Resolutions honoring their recent heroism.


Photo 2

Photo 1


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