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Sexual Assault (Lake Ozark)


Press Release: Sexual Misconduct, Lake Ozark


Camden County detectives are investigating a sexual assault that occurred over the Memorial Day Weekend in the 100 block of Sweet William Rd.  According to the female victim an unknown white male approximately six feet tall, medium build, with a tan complexion and tattoos on his arms and neck followed her to a boat dock after leaving a bar.  Once on the boat dock the suspect forced her onboard a docked boat and sexually assaulted her.  The victim was eventually able to fight her attacker off scream for help.  The suspect then dived into the lake and swam out of sight.  The suspect has not been located or identified pending review of nearby surveillance video.  We are asking the public to be cautious this weekend and advising people to walk in pairs for safety.  If you have any information as to the identity of the suspect please contact the Camden County Sheriff's Office at 573-346-2243.