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Helpers For Hire


Press Release – 07-29-15



Helpers For Hire

During the summer months, we receive several calls from senior citizens concerning scam artists quoting them one price and then changing that after completing the work they were hired to do. Some fly by night scam artists use their time working at a property to “case” the area so they or someone they know can return at a later time to steal from the property. The problem is most seniors do not know where to go to find hired help they can trust not to scam them or steal from them.

The solution is a readily available list of trusted and vetted people available for hire. Since 2003, the Camden County Sheriff’s Office along with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has endorsed the Helpers For Hire program. Helpers For Hire is a non-profit program managed by a volunteer in the Laurie area who maintains a data-base of people, called Helpers, who offer their services assisting with household chores, maintenance, outdoor projects and a variety of other services for those who cannot do these things for themselves. The Helpers have all been through a thorough background check, fingerprint check and have a photographic identification card so seniors know who they are dealing with.

Citizens in need of help can visit the Helpers For Hire website at or click on the link for Helpers For Hire at the Camden County Sheriff’s Office website from the Links tab.