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Fugitive Captured


Press Release – 09-11-15


Fugitive Captured

On Thursday, 09-10-15, deputies from our department retrieved one of our most wanted fugitives from the Jackson County jail. Members of the Kansas City MO Police Department arrested 58 year old Danny D Slater Wednesday evening on an outstanding Camden County warrant during a traffic stop.

Slater has been listed on our most wanted list since June of 2013 when he fired a deer rifle into an occupied vehicle stopped by a makeshift roadblock in the Edwards area of Camden County. Deputies contacted Slater after locating his crashed vehicle described by the victims of the shooting incident as the vehicle used in the roadblock on Pine Cove Road. During the initial investigation Slater told responding deputies he was an “undercover CIA operative” and could not reveal the identity of the shooter.

Subsequent investigation and interviews with Slater revealed he was the shooter and had hidden the rifle used in the shooting. Slater fled to the Kansas City area during the investigation and has not been seen since June of 2013.

Slater is being held at the Camden County Adult Detention Facility on two counts of the Class B Felony of Assault 1st Degree with a bond of $50,000 cash and $150,000 surety. Slater will appear before the Camden County Associate Court on October 13th.