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Jefferson City Man Charged in Kidnapping of Camdenton Teen



Jefferson City Man Charged in Kidnapping of Camdenton Teen


A week long investigation has culminated with the arrest of 35 year old Michael Eric Dickson, of Jefferson City, for kidnapping a 19 year old Camdenton woman he met through an online dating site.


According to the victim, she and Dickson met on an internet dating website. They agreed to meet in person and Dickson came to her home just north of Camdenton. The victim got into the car with Dickson and they began to talk. Dickson then started driving away with the victim still in the car. She asked where they were going and Dickson told her, “You belong to me now.” He then drove the car to his home in Jefferson City where he sexually assaulted the victim. He later returned her to her home at which time she contacted the sheriff’s office.


Dickson is charged with the Class B Felony of Kidnapping and is being held in the Camden County Adult Detention Facility without bond. He will appear before the court in Camden County on May 10th. The investigation into the sexual assault will be conducted in cooperation with authorities in Cole County.


“Kidnapping is a serious crime. What happened to this young lady is a tragedy. I encourage all citizens to do their research on dating prospects they meet online before meeting them in person.” - Sheriff Dwight Franklin


Some internet dating tips include:

  • Choose a public place to meet up and drive yourself, or plan your own transportation.
  • Don't get stuck in a situation where you're relying on a virtual stranger to get you home.
  • Tell friends where you're going and when you expect to be home.
  • Consider bringing someone along. A friend could wait at the bar while you start your date and wait for your signal before leaving.


“The internet can be a great way to meet people from outside your immediate area, but it can also be used to find out more about those people. Do a background check at any number of background websites, check their Facebook and Twitter accounts for any red flags. Take your time and do some research and if you get a bad feeling, don’t meet that person.” – Sergeant Scott Hines