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Macks Creek Man Arrested on Weapons Charges and Assaulting Deputies



On Thursday, May 27th, deputies responded to a residence in the Branch area of Macks Creek to investigate a stealing case. While following up on a lead, deputies responded to the 400 block of Roofener Rd in Macks Creek. As deputies approached the residence of the suspect in the stealing case, they observed a green laser light in the wooded area adjacent to the residence.


Deputies stopped their vehicles to make contact with whoever was pointing the laser at them, thinking someone was trying to flag them down for assistance. When one deputy shined their spotlight in the direction of the laser, he observed a male, later identified as Ronald Scott Burkhart of Macks Creek, pointing a rifle at him with the laser attached. Both deputies then identified themselves as sheriff’s deputies and began issuing commands for Burkhart to put the gun down. Burkhart advanced on the deputies demanding to know why they were at his friend’s house. Deputies continued to issue commands for Burkhart to put the gun down. After several repeated commands he did put the rifle down, but continued to advance on the deputies despite their repeated continued commands to stop. At one point Burkhart told deputies he had another gun. The deputies were able to deploy a TASER and take him into custody without anyone being injured. Deputies discovered a pistol in Burkhart’s back pocket while taking him into custody.


The sixty-one year old Burkhart was arrested at the scene and transported to the Camden County Adult Detention Facility. He has been charged with two counts of the Class A Felony of assault on a law enforcement officer, two counts of Felony armed criminal action, and one count of the Class D Felony of unlawful use of a firearm. Burkhart is being held without bond and will appear before the court on June 28th.