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South Dakota Man Charged with Multiple Assaults




On the evening of July 1st, deputies from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 2300 block of Bittersweet Road in Lake Ozark for a reported assault. According to information given to 911 operators, a man assaulted a member of an entertainment venue management and several security personnel.


Witnesses on scene describe the man, later identified as 25 year old David A Borchardt, of Sioux Falls, SD, attempting to run over members of the security staff with his vehicle after a verbal and physical altercation with management. Borchardt was asked to leave the property twice in a two hour period, with the second instance escalating into the assault.


Borchardt was arrested and transported to the Camden County Adult Detention Facility where he is being held without bond. Borchardt has been charged with three counts of the Class C Felony of 2nd Degree Assault, one count of the Class A Misdemeanor 3rd Degree Assault, and one count of the Class B Misdemeanor of DWI-Alcohol.


Borchardt will appear before the court on August 2nd.