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Sheriff’s Office Restores Phone Lines After IT Data Breach


Press Release – 09-23-16


The Camden County Sheriff’s Office phone lines are back up. After Monday morning’s county government-wide IT data breach, most of the phone lines to county offices were down. The phone system used by Camden County offices, including the sheriff’s office, is internet based. IT consultants brought in to help restore phone lines for all county offices are still working on a solution pending full restoration of internet service and installation of new servers.


The sheriff’s office communications personnel were able to source a solution today, Friday, September 23rd. Effective immediately, the sheriff’s office regular non-emergency phone number of 573-346-2243 is functional again. All non-emergency calls for service and inquiries regarding sheriff’s office business should be directed to that number.


The Camden County Adult Detention Facility also has a working temporary phone number of 573-410-2930. All inquiries regarding bonding information, inmate medical concerns, probation and parole, and other family concerns should be directed to that number until the regular Detention phone lines are also repaired.


The staff at the Camden County Sheriff’s Office apologizes for any inconvenience the phone lines being down may have caused.