Crime Prevention and Property Identification

Every day Law Enforcement Officers take theft reports.  For the most part owners have absolutely no idea what they own.  Retailers are not responsible for keeping a record of your purchases with the exception of firearms dealers.  When making purchases, especially those that are pricy or theft desireable, make sure that you make a log of your property, including the make, model, serial numbers and color.  Tools, Guns, Electronics, Coin Collections, and Jewelry, are some of the most reported as stolen.  Items that don't have serial numbers should be etched with personal owner applied numbers, if possible.  An OAN can be entered into the computer as a unique number for that item, if stolen.  Do not use any of your personal identifiers as an OAN.

Make sure that you take detailed photos of your property, especially jewelry and other expensive non-number items, including collectables, even tack.  It is very difficult to return your property, if it can not be properly identified.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact to contact Lt. Arlyne Page, Camden County Sheriff's Office, 573-346-2243 x 249.

Crime Tip HOTline 573-346-2243