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Residential Addressing


PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU - Several years ago the posting of addresses was made mandatory on residences and businesses in many city jurisdictions. The numbers, (no less than 4 inches in height), were to be posted on residences and businesses so that the address could be easily seen from the driveway or roadway.  Proper addresses were to be posted on mailboxes and the numbers at least 3 inches in height.  

We realize that it is not a mandatory regulation in the unincorporated areas of the county, however proper posting of addresses would sure help when it comes to responding to calls for service.  

In extreme emergencies the lack of addressing or improper addressing can extend the response time from police, fire or ambulance personnel.

If you have any questions reference address, please call our Mapping and Addressing Department at 573-346-2243 x 298 or 297.  Thank you