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CRIME PREVENTION - It is that time of the year again when you must be diligent with regard to crime prevention and asphalt/pest control schemes.  Most of the time these companies are from out of the area and advise they have extra product from a previous order they need to get rid of and will save you a lot of money.  They talk a good game but when it is all said and done, the work may be substandard.  It may cost you a lot of money to have a reputable company come in and fix the work done by the scamming company.  The chemicals used by pest control companies are strictly regulated by the Department of Agriculture.

If you need to utilize an asphalt or pest control service, use a reputable company, not one that stops in your driveway and solicits business.  Not all may be bad businesses, however better safe than sorry. You can always contact the Secretary of State's Office, via the web, to find out if they are a company in good standing and they should have the proper documentation and licensing.  

If you are solicited tell the people that you would like to see their state licenses and ask them for their business card and phone number.  Make some excuse as to why you can't have the work done right then.  Get as much information about the company as possible.  Call us if you think something is suspicious as you may be helping someone else, 573-346-2243.

It pays not to be a victim!!!!

Lt. Arlyne Page

Camden County Sheriff's Office