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 May 17, 2017 – On May 14, 2017 at approximately 4: 20 am, a Camden County Deputy received information reference a large gathering of individuals, including minors, at a bonfire off Franklin Dr., Montreal, Mo., Camden County.


 As the Deputy arrived at the location, he checked a vehicle and discovered an unconscious individual who appeared to need immediate medical attention.  Upon seeing the deputy, several individuals were seen running into the woods.  The subjects appeared to be under age, however the deputy’s immediate concern was the safety of the unconscious individual.  The deputy called for medical assistance as well as additional Law Enforcement personnel. 


 As a precautionary measure, additional medical personnel were requested, due to others appearing to need medical attention.  Unfortunately, individuals participating in the party did not come to the aid of friends, when assistance was needed.   


 Adding to the seriousness of the situation, several individuals had become lost in the adjacent woods.  Deputies, Highway Patrolman, and Fire Department personnel assisted in locating several of the individuals.  Parents arrived on scene when they were contacted by their children.  Emergency responders remained on the scene until approximately 9:15 am to ensure that everyone was accounted for and safe.  


The owners of the property were not in the area at the time.  Several parents were contacted to pick up their children.


This incident is still under investigation.