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Stolen Roadway Signs



Since the beginning of the year, we have had over $45,000 in roadway signs stolen.  That of course includes materials and labor.  Not all of the signs are being stolen by inconsiderate individuals who think the names are cute and would look good displayed in their home or dorm room.  The majority of the signs and poles are being stolen by "scrappers".  These people  are willing to risk the lives of your family and friends for a piece of aluminum and the post it is attached too.  

The majority of respectable scrap yards will notify law enforcement, however there are those businesses out there that the thieves know about that only care about the dollar.  

I could continue my rant, but this costs all of us and when an emergency service vehicle can't find you, it could cost in the worst possible way with a loss of life. A loss that could have been avoided.  

We are asking for your help.  We want to find these thieves and put them behind bars where they could stare at metal all day.  

If you have wondered where your Animal Control Officer is, he's having to help install signs.