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Derik A. Coborn

UPDATE -  Located safe - a little too much holiday spirit(s) but he's home.

On 7/5/2017 at approximately 2:20 am, the Camden County Sheriff's Office received a call of a missing person, Derik A. Coborn, age 20, 5'11", 185, brown hair, blue eyes, from Dixon, Mo., wearing a dark grey fox t-shirt, light blue jeans and cowboy boots.

Derik was last seen at approximately 12:20 am walking to his vehicle which was parked at the First National Bank in Sunrise Beach.  He had been at Bear Bottom Resort in Sunrise Beach with friends earlier in the evening.

If anyone locates or has heard from Coborn, please contact the Camden County Sheriff's Office at 573-346-2243.  Again, we will not remove the missing person entry until Coborn is confirmed safe.