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Deputy Sheriff's Salary Supplementation Fund


In 2008 the Missouri Legislators passed the Deputy Sheriff’s Salary Supplementation Fund Bill. The bill allowed for collection of monies by each county sheriff for the service of any summons, writ, or other court orders. These fees are collected and deposited into the state treasury and distributed by the Missouri Sheriff Methamphetamine Relief Taskforce Board.

In November 2011 the Camden County Sheriff’s Office applied for the Deputy Sheriff’s Salary Supplementation Fund created pursuant to Section 57.278 RSMo. Application was made through a grant process administered by the MoSMART board, which was appointed by Governor Nixon.

Camden County Sheriff’s Office was awarded $74,865.83, which allowed the sheriff’s office to increase the deputy sheriff’s starting salary to $28,000.00 annually. Those individuals within the sheriff’s office, who were being paid more than $28,000 annually, received a flat $100.00 a month increase. The amount awarded also supplements the benefit package for each deputy. The $74,865.83 is for the payroll during the first half of the 2012 calendar year. The grant will be applied for again in April 2012 to finish out the calendar year.