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It is great when you are in Law Enforcement, no matter the position, to be able to interact positively with the public.  The busy week started with office personnel having a blast decorating the lobby area of the Sheriff's Office for Halloween.  Thank you: Linda, Terri,  Tracy, Tiffany, Chassadie and anyone else whom I have forgotten. The lobby was a big hit.

Saturday October 28 began with the Cat and K9 event in Sunrise Beach where you could get your animal vaccinated and microchipped for free.  At the same time, we had deputies at the Harvest Festival at the Middle School, Deputy Belanger and Deputy Canon, and conducted a Drug Take Back at the Office.  Later in the afternoon there was the Trunk or Treat at the School.  A deputies truck made the perfect ghoul wagon, with family members  helping.  Deputy Blakely, phenomenal job with the truck. 

Let us not forget the Halloween event at the Mack's Creek Park on Saturday evening where Deputy Rugen and Reserve Deputy Pemberton acted as the event chefs.

Phew, then we come to October 31 where staff and office personnel handed out candy to hundreds of kids throughout the day.  Deputies traveled the subdivisions handing out candy and safety tips, to the evenings ghosts, goblins, princesses, frogs, etc.

It is these positive moments that help negate some of the negative ones. I apologize if I forgot anyone.  Without your help, this would not have been possible.  Don't forget the Shop with a Deputy event in December.  We are currently raising funds so we can take care of as many kids as possible.

Just wait to see what we do to the lobby at Christmas......