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Crime Prevention Practices


Crime Prevention is something most of us take for granted, whether is it leaving our vehicles unlocked with valuable items inside or leaving our homes accessible to anyone who wants to rummage through our stuff.

We cannot prevent all crime, but we can make it a little more difficult for the bad guy/girl to profit off things we have worked hard to get.  For the thieves out there, who think that stealing is a job, let me clarify, a job means real work where you are not profiting from the sacrifices of others.

Don’t leave valuables in vehicles that are left unlocked, especially in plain sight.  Use properly installed hardware on residential doors and out buildings.  Use proper lighting around your home.  If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, which is often the case in this area, tell someone.  Arrange for a neighbor, relative or friend, to periodically check your home or property.  You may even consider renting your vacation property to a reliable person for the time you are away.  If you choose this option, make sure that you have a detailed contract. 

As in any rental situation, photograph everything before the person comes into your home. Taking photos is extremely important in documenting your property at any time.  You should always have photographic documentation of all of your property.  I am not only talking about the exterior of your premises, but your valuables, collectables, firearms, electronics, furniture, vehicles, boats, dock lockers, etc..  This documentation is very useful if needed by an insurance company or other legal matters.  Take note of the description of your personal property.  If you sustain a loss and tell us that you are missing a flat screen television,  a gold ring with several diamonds, a long riffle and revolver, doesn't help much in the recovery and locating the perpetrator.  Be detailed; make, color, size, serial number, model number, etc. 

If the property doesn't have a serial number, you can always use an owner applied number, (not your social or driver's license), by scribing into it.  I am not saying that you take an inscriber and chisel an OLN into your grandmother's china or grandfather's silver pocket watch.  That is where detailed photos come into play.

Make sure that the property inventory, photos and or videos are kept in a safe place.  Safe deposit boxes are great and not that expensive or leave a copy with a trusted friend or family member.

My suggestions are just that, suggestions.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Lt. Arlyne M. Page, 573-346-2243 x 249