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March 2012 DWI Enforcement


The Camden County Sheriff’s Office will be stepping up enforcement on impaired drivers during a sobriety checkpoint this month. Law enforcement efforts will be increased in an effort to reduce the deaths and serious injuries caused by impaired drivers. Those caught drinking and driving could lose their license, money and freedom.


In 2007, 243 people were killed and 4,889 were injured in more than 7,700 alcohol-related crashes. In Missouri, someone is injured or killed by an impaired driver every 1.7 hours. Camden County Sheriff Dwight Franklin wants citizens to understand these tragedies are preventable if drivers would make a simple, smart choice not to drink and drive.


The Camden County Sheriff’s Office DWI Enforcement Team would like citizens to consider the following consequences of driving while impaired:


-If you cause a fatal crash while impaired, you can be charged with Involuntary Manslaughter, a felony resulting in up to seven years of jail time, a $5,000 fine, or both.

-You could lose your license for 90 days, be fined up to $500 and spend up to six months in jail, upon your first conviction.

-Insurance coverage will be difficult to find and your rates will be significantly higher.


Please ask yourself “Is it worth it?”


For more information, please contact:


Lieutenant Joseph Botta

Operations Supervisor

Camden County Sheriff’s Office

573-346-2243 x245