And the Scams Continue into 2019

Doesn't matter what year, the scams continue.  Within the last few days, residents of Camden County have been receiving calls from someone who is identifying themselves as an employee of Camden County Sheriff's Office Warrants Division.  

The caller advises the intended victim that they have warrant(s) for their arrest and that they need to obtain Money Back Green Dot Cards to pay their bond.  The caller specifies the bond amount and how many Green Dot Cards will be needed.  Usually one card per warrant.

The caller tells the victim to come to the sheriff's office after obtaining the card(s).  Prior to arriving at the sheriff's office, the victim is supposed to call the fake deputy with the numbers on the cards so that the funds can be confirmed.  

I can't stress enough that we will not call you and tell you to come to the sheriff's office with a green dot card.  We will not ask you to provide credit or debit cards numbers over the phone or by letter.  We prefer a face to face visit here at the office or possibly a free ride in a squad car.  We even make home visits.

If you have any doubts about whether you are being scammed, please don't take a chance.  Call us we will figure it out together.

Camden County Sheriff's Office - 573-346-2243 x 249



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