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Crime prevention triangle. Target, Desire, and Opportunity.

I realize that I probably harp on this issue way to often but gentle reminders can't hurt.  We often times can prevent making ourselves a victim.  The crime prevention triangle mentions, the target, the desire and the opportunity.

Unfortunately, because the majority of our property crimes and some of the crimes against persons, are drug related, the desire is increased.

We, as potential victims, can reduce the opportunity which make the target less desirable.  Criminals, for the most part, prefer easy targets so you can see how the triangle applies to crime prevention.

Most of the reports taken by our deputies and in fact the majority of Law Enforcement unfortunately contain vague descriptions of the stolen property because the owners simply can't provide the information.  They know their Winchester Rifle and big screen TV and watch are gone, but they don't know the make, model or serial numbers, or for that mater, any unusual marks. 

If we stop a would be thief and the property has not been described thoroughly with the make, model, serial number, color, size, etc., he or she may be able to walk away.  We want to catch the thief as much as you want them to be caught. 

Law Enforcement property rooms are packed full with property that can not be properly identified by victims.  Consequently the property remains in those rooms for years until destroyed. You gun enthusiast would cry if you saw the guns that we are forced to chopped up.   

Make a log of your valuables, including tools, farm equipment,  tack, jewelry.  Anything that you think would be "desirable".  That does not necessarily mean that it has to be an expensive item.  You would be surprised with what has been stolen.  Include all identifiers for the items.  Be detailed.  Don't forget your fishing equipment and accessories. Don't leave your fishing equipment in your boat over night while it is parked on shore or in a dock.  There are some thieves that troll the fishing tournaments knowing that they have the opportunity to cash in on expensive equipment.  

Photograph all your items, especially those items that don't have serial numbers or owner applied numbers. Items with owner applied numbers can be entered in MULES and NCIC as if they had serial numbers. Don't forget your collectibles. 

If you would like a sample of the log, it is attached

.Sample log regarding personal property listings

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