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2019 Rabies and Microchipping Event a Big Success


  A group of dogs ready to be microchipped.A man brings his 2 dogs in to get microchipped.A room full of people and their dogs.

The 5th Camden County Microchipping and Rabies event held at the Dogwood Animal Shelter for cats and dogs on May 11, 2019, was a big success with a record number of cats and dogs being seen.  As in the past, this was a free event with many volunteers from the Camden County Health Department, Dogwood Animal Shelter, Dr. Perry with Lake Hills Vet Clinic, and Dr. John Rhinehold.  If you wanted additional vaccinations for your pet they were given at low cost.  The event was so successful that we had to close the gates at 2:00 pm with the last animal seen at 4:00 p.m.  A big thanks to all the volunteers, vets, and Animal Control Officer Mike Stoufer.

216 Animals Microchipped with 215 of them given the rabies vaccinations.

181 - Dogs
  35 - Cats

Why are these events so important?

To date for the year of 2019, we are over 1000 animal control calls where many of those animals are involved in bite situations.  If the owners don't have proof of the rabies vaccination, the animal either has to be quarantined or worse.  Many times we get calls about stray animals with no where to take them because the shelters are full.  We would much rather be able to return them to their owner.  Through the microchipping program, we have a better chance of returning the animal. 

Since 2017, when this program was adopted by Sheriff Tony Helms, nearly 1000 Camden County animals have received Microchips and or rabies vaccinations.  Many of those pet owners have also taken advantage of the low cost vaccinations for their animals.